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General Tips to make a good Origami
Before starting to fold the sheets assista some tips to make your job easier:

Make the folds on a smooth, flat, hard surface and airy;
Use thin paper if you are a beginner in this art or if you make a model with many folds;
Avoid using expensive paper at first;
Keeping hands clean to avoid contaminating their origami;
Before start folding see if you know all the symbols of the instructions, if you do not know any, but learn;
Follow the steps correctly;
Emphasizes the bending nails;
No hurry, patience is very important to make an origami, especially if it is your first time;
Make several times the same model. Do not forget that practice is what makes perfect;
If you lose the order of the instructions not desesperese! Compare what was done with the diagram image or video, if necessary, initiate;
You can use the items you receive in the street to practice;
Origami is for fun! Origami World

If you do not have colored paper can paint their own. This colore and protects your work.

Basic Instructions Origami

Origami is the art of folding a piece of paper (typically a square) to form something that can be recognized without using glue, tape or scissors. Click here to see all origami projects we have on the site! NOTE: origami paper generally comes with different color on each side – which is perfect for this project! You can find origami paper double-sided at your local craft store or Amazon.com – or Amazon.es is economic.

When double sure to be as accurate as you can and make good folds your finger on them, pressing to flatten.

Before starting a project, read these basic instructions to follow a diagram of origami. They will help you understand what all the squiggles and symbols! These symbols are “generally recognized” and must be the same in virtually any book or diagram you find.

Basic Instructions Origami

Bent, folded and then unfolded. Basic Instructions Origami
Arrow back basic Origami Instructions
Turn over your role.

Basic Instructions Origami

Take a rectangular piece of paper and make it square:

Make a mountain fold bringing the upper corner of the paper. Basic Instructions Origami
Cut a small rectangle below the triangle just form. Basic Instructions Origami
Unfold and now have a square (with a crease).

From the moment I discovered origami, this has been part of the curriculum for my subject. Also I have taken courses in introduction to origami at the following locations:

Paper folding known as origami in Japanese culture is very interesting to work with students in art education in secondary and high school technical drawing activity

Here you have the link to the symbols of the most common folded published in the Spanish association of origami. http://pajarita.org/diagramas/diagramas.php

Another of the oldest and most active groups in Spain is the Zaragozano Group origami that has existed since the fifties of the last century.

Likewise both the page of the association, as in the links section, you will find them many more types of diagrams and folding instructions.


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